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Dave Green's research

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1) Supernova Remnants

Book Cover
My Catalogue of Galactic Supernova Remnants (SNRs) contains details of 303 SNRs (last revised: 2022 December). updated

The last published version is:

See also:

Recent studies of the very young Galactic supernova remnant G1.9+0.3.

Some time ago I wrote a book with F. R. Stephenson on Historical Supernovae and their Remnants, which is published by Oxford University Press (2002 August).

Other work on SNRs is included in my list of recent papers below.

Photo of me at the GMRT
Here are some other photos of the GMRT and surroundings, and also of a visit to Assam.

2) Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT)

In recent years much of my observational research has involved observations with the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT), near Pune, India.

2.1) Deep extragalactic surveys

These observations include a deep (1σ noise of about 30 μJy beam−1 at best) 610-MHz survey of the Spitzer extragalactic First Look Survey (FLS) region. These cover about 4 square degrees, with a mosaic of seven pointings, with a resolution of about 5 arcsec, and detected nearly four thousand sources. These observations are published in:

deep 610-MHz image
A deep 610-MHz image of (a small portion of) the Spitzer extragalactic First Look Survey region. The resolution is about 5 arcsec, and the r.m.s. noise about 30 μJy beam−1.
The other regions processed so far are the ELAIS-N1 and ELAIS-N2 fields, and the Lockman Hole field. These observations are published in: Another paper on deep GMRT 610-MHz observations is:

2.2) GMRT Polarisation Observations

2.3) Useful AIPS tasks

Other users of the GMRT may find the following (classic) AIPS tasks that I have written useful:

Users of AIPS should also note that there were various bugs in SPLAT/SPLIT tasks, when averaging spectral channels, which were patched in the 31DEC06 and 31DEC07 versions of AIPS in Oct/Nov 2007. Some of these bugs applied only to more recent uv datasets written at the GMRT that combine both sidebands into one file, but others apply to single sideband uv datasets also. See patches 17, 18 and 19 for more details.

3) Research Papers

Here is a list of my published and submitted research papers. This includes the following recent work (see also the papers listed under SNRs or the GMRT above):

Crab Nebula at 850 μm
The Crab Nebula at 850 μm, observed with SCUBA.

4) ‘cubehelix’ colour scheme

I’ve recently written up a short paper on a colour scheme that I’ve developed for the display of intensity images (which increases in percieved brightness, and prints as greyscale on black and white postscript devices). For example:

an example ‘cubehelix’ colour scheme

See my cubehelix page for further details.

5) Other

Further details of some of my other research interests:

SN1993J radio light curve
Radio light curve of SN1993J.

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