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Dave Green's research: G1.9+0.3

G1.9+0.3 has been recently identified as the youngest known Galactic supernova remnant, about 150 years old at most.

Below a 4.86-GHz image of G1.9+0.3 from observations made in 2008 is compared with a matched-resolution 1.49-GHz image from observations made in 1985 (move cursor on/off).

G1.9+0.3 (which is NOT Nibiru)
G1.9+0.3 at 4.86 GHz from 2008-Mar-12 and at 1.49 GHz from 1985-Apr-16 (when cursor over). (For further details, see the Green et al. 2008 paper listed below.)

My papers on G1.9+0.3

Additional information on G1.9+0.3

  1. The entry for G1.9+0.3 from my Galactic supernova remnant catalogue, which contains links to earlier papers (2013 or before) which include observations of this SNR;
  2. a query centred on G1.9+0.3 from Simbad.

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